Budget 2018-19: IT Sector assigned PKR 66 billion


Dr. Miftah Ismail, Prime Minister’s financial advisor has officially announced the annual budget of 2018-19 which assigns PKR 66 billion to IT and telecommunication centers as these are significant sectors for economic growth.The amount will be allocated to 19 ongoing projects and 11 new projects of the IT sector of Pakistan.

Pakistan telecommunication companies previously said to the Ministry of Finance for the rationalization of IT and telecom tax in the country. The companies also presented various proposals for government’s consideration for the upcoming budget of 2018-19 which were also considered by the minister.

FBR & MoIT (Ministry of Information Technolgy) finalized the appropriate telecom tax proposals in the budget 2018-19. Earlier this year, Senate Standing Committee for Information Technology and Telecommunication also showed concern over high IT and telecom taxes imposed on the consumers by the government.

With IT sector to be given such huge chunk on the budget 2018-19, Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has shown a lot of commitment to effectively and efficiently providing IT services and infrastructure to the government and local and international businesses. PITB works on various projects’ automation such as e-stamping, e-tickets, digital systems in police stations, e-challan, smart monitoring, and other citizens’ facilitation projects and services.

Source: techjuice.pk

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