No 3D touch for 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, analyst predicts


Yes, the company known for its overly charged products is looking to sell million more low-cost phones in Apple is expected to unleash three new iPhone models in the fall, two high-end models with OLED displays, and one 6.1-inch iPhone with an LCD display. In a new report, KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo is sharing a few more details on what to expect with the LCD model.

In addition to not having 3D Touch as reported earlier, KGI’s Kuo as first reported by Feng believes that Apple will be using a stronger display glass which will be more impact resistant and lighter.

The lower-end iPhone is said to be using a CGS (Cover Glass Sensor) process, which will be much thinner. Apple will also reportedly be adding a thin-film sensor in addition to the touch film sensor. It’s unclear at this time what this layer is for, however, it will be increasing the cost of the touch panel by 15%.

However, Apple will not compromise in tech for its expensive phones. The report also states that all iPhones, including the two OLED models, will adopt the CGS process in 2019, which makes sense if Apple wants to make their display glass more reliable and less prone to cracking on impact.

The report notes that suppliers should see a slight increase in revenue as the cost for the CGS process is slightly higher than the previous process for iPhone displays. Meanwhile, Apple’s upcoming 6.1-inch LCD iPhone is rumored to smash all iPhone sales record, as it will cost almost half of the price of iPhone X.

image source — The Verge  


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