Top 14 Bride Fabulous Mehndi Designs 2018 For Wedding Day


2018 is the advanced year of this century. The world has made so much progress and now we are living in the most advanced world of all times. But still some tradition and cultures are same and they are still adopted by people. Mehndi is one of those old traditions. Mehndi which is also known as Hina is basically a paste which gives a beautiful and attractive color to skin when it is sketched on the skin by girls. It is a temporary make-up for the soft and pretty skin of ladies. Mehndi color looks really very beautiful in the hands of girls and girls love to have the paste of mehndi on important events of their lives.

Bride Amazing Mehndi Designs 2018 For Wedding Day

Girls in wedding, on Eid occasion, and on other festivals love to decorate their hands with mehndi. Mehndi decorations for girls are not only limited to Muslims girls but also Hindu girls love to have mehndi decorations and new designs on their hands and foot to look pretty impressive. It is the top makeup trend in Asian countries such as in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The girls of these countries always color their hands and foot with this beautiful mehndi color to increase the grace of their skin and to look charming.

In western countries, the mehndi is trending because of its natural color and charming grace. Western girls also use to decorate their foot and hands with mehndi. Brides look more gorgeous if the mehndi designs are paste on their hands and feet. This mehndi design looks gorgeous on the girls of all ages including kids to women.

Top 14 Beautiful Mehndi Designs 2018-19 For Young Women

Moreover, In eastern countries, the mehndi is considered as the good luck for the bride. Without the dark color of mehndi bride is considered as very lucky for the groom. These are old traditions but these are still followed by many people in eastern countries. Bride mehndi designs include flowers, geometrical and various lines designs. But as with the passage of time new fashion and new designs of all things come same the new designs and attractive have come in. The attractive designs of mehndi which makes the new designs of mehndi for brides really gorgeous and graceful.


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