10 Popular Kitchen Mistakes That Make Our Lives Harder


10 Popular Kitchen Mistakes That Make Our Lives Harder Did you know that you not only inherited amazing cooking skills and secret recipes from your mother but also the ability to make age-old kitchen mistakes? May sound a little weird, but we have the habit to do things as we were taught in the kitchen, accepting them as right even when that might not be the case. The result of this is that your kitchen life becomes that much harder without you realizing it!

Make your life easier by avoiding these 10 super popular kitchen mistakes:

1. Stacking Dishes The Wrong Way In The Dishwasher

1. Stacking Dishes The Wrong Way In The Dishwasher

The common practice is to put one dish after the other in the washer, not caring what you used them for. However, that’s not right, and you need to stack your dishes in a particular order if you want all of them to come out squeaky clean. Experts suggest this is how you should load your dishwasher (1):

  • Plates should be stacked in a circular manner to allow water to flow freely.
  • Plates used for carbohydrate-rich foods, such as cereal, should be put in the center.
  • The sides of the dishwasher should be occupied by plates that were used for protein-rich foods, such as meat.

By following this order, you will always end up with exceptionally clean dishes.

2. Heating Food Incorrectly In The Microwave

2. Heating Food Incorrectly In The Microwave

Just like everybody else, you’ve faced it too. The center of your food seems cooler as compared to the sides when you heat it up in a microwave. Ever wondered why? It’s because the mechanism of the microwave is such that the center is designed to keep cool (2). Hence, you should heat your food in a donut shape, leaving the center space empty, to get evenly heated food.

3. Not Using Cheese Knives Right

Not Using Cheese Knives Right

Cheese knives are a common household item, but very few of us know why it exists. Well, if the name wasn’t a giveaway enough, cheese knives are exclusively used to cut cheese blocks in to very thin slices. That said, you can use them to chop veggies and fruits that are tender and elastic in consistency, such as tomatoes.

4. Whipping Cream Wrong

Whipping Cream Wrong

Using the whisk straight out of the stand where you kept it at is a big no-no if you want your cream to have a nice, smooth consistency. To prepare the creamiest of creams, you should keep the cream bowl as well as the whisk in your freezer before using them.

5. Using The Toaster Settings All Wrong

Using The Toaster Settings All Wrong

As soon as you get a toaster, you adjust the settings to your liking and then never change them again. That’s okay if you always eat the same kind of bread, but if you like a variety of them, the one-setting-suits-all approach is not going to work. That means, every time you pop in a different kind of bread into your toaster, you will have to change the settings to suit the bread, its thickness, and the cooking method (3).

6. Controlling Automatic Cooking Machines

Controlling Automatic Cooking Machines

The purpose of an automatic appliance is that you don’t have to fuss over it and control things manually. And yet, that’s exactly what you do. You can’t help yourself but lift the lid off and peep in to see if the food is cooking all right. However, you actually end up ruining the dish this way. Every time you lift the lid, you reduce the cooking temperature needed to cook a tasty dish.

7. Not Trying Out All The Functions Of The Spaghetti Spoon

Not Trying Out All The Functions Of The Spaghetti Spoon

The purpose of a spaghetti spoon is not just to easily take the spaghetti out of the boiling pot and into the saucepan. The spoon has been designed in a way that also allows you to measure the quantity of spaghetti you wish to cook before you toss it in the boiling pot (4).

8. Peeling The Garlic Before Putting It Into The Press

Peeling The Garlic Before Putting It Into The Press

The tedious step of peeling each and every garlic clove before putting it into the garlic presser is so unnecessary, we can’t even begin to say how much! The presser separates the peel and the garlic on its own, which means you don’t have to worry about garlic skins in your food.

9. Cracking Eggs On The Rim Of A Bowl

Cracking Eggs On The Rim Of A Bowl

Ever got a perfectly even crack this way? No, right? If you don’t want eggshells to drop into your bowl, make sure you use the surface of the bowl to crack the egg and not the rim.

10. Frying Eggs Wrong

Frying Eggs Wrong

Adding the egg whites and the yolks together won’t get you the pretty, picture-perfect eggs you want. To make beautiful eggs, you should first add in and cook the whites for a minute and then add the yolk right on top of it. Your eggs will come out much tastier too this way!

Like any of the tips given above? Even if you don’t like some, give them a shot. They’ll definitely make your life easier!

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