10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re A Gemini


10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re A Gemini Moody, double-faced, and perpetually adventure-seeking – these are just some of the traits that define a Gemini. Born between May 21st to June 20th, Geminis are often misunderstood by their non-Gemini friends due to their wildly varying natures. However, they are not that difficult to comprehend if you just pay attention to them.

Geminis are a very interesting lot and know themselves better than anyone else ever does or ever will. In that spirit, here are 10 things that only a ‘true’ Gemini will get!

1. Your Exact Opposite Side Is Also You


Many people feel that Geminis are faking it or being hypocritical when they act in a self-contradictory way. But as a Gemini, you know that that’s not true. You can cram in several personalities within you and each of them is as real as it gets, rather than being just a pretense!

2. You Are Not As Extroverted As Made Out To Be

Read up any article on the internet on Geminis and they will mention extroversion as a key personality trait of this sun sign. This leads people to believe that being friendly comes naturally to you. In reality though, you have to work at being outgoing at times. You are kind of selectively extroverted. Which means you are super friendly with fun people and not so much with those that come off as negative!

3. You Are Extremely Unique


Since you are friendly and gel well with people, most don’t get to see how unique you really are. You have a distinct personality, regardless – something that’s very clearly reflected in your fashion sense! For example, despite being stylish, you don’t fall prey to trends and always manage to create your own unique style statements.

4. You Find It Hard To Finish Things

Blame it on the boring nature of mundane tasks that prevent you from completing them. That’s not to say you are incapable of finishing that project you started a couple of weeks ago, but you just don’t have the motivation left to finish it. Bottom line: Nobody should expect you to stick to a deadline. It’s just too cruel!

5. You Don’t Get Hyper, You Get Bored


Geminis are known to be fidgety, the kind that just can’t sit still. Others might perceive this as nervousness but you know that you’re always high on energy. And the reason you fidget so much is because you’re bored of what’s going on and can’t wait to do something new right now! Geminis are very enthusiastic and forever ready to do something new.

6. You Are Quite Charming And Attractive

As a Gemini, you can’t help but be anything else. The life of any party, no matter where you go, you never fail to entrance people with your charisma and elegance. You have this unique quality where you can entice all of the senses of someone together, arousing their emotions, mind, and everything else. Whoever falls in love with you can never forget you. You are also great in bed and love trying out new positions!

7. You’re Always On A Quest For Knowledge


Geminis are intellectual. Period. You are always thirsty for knowledge and can’t wait to glean information on whatever catches your eye – be it places, people, cultures, discoveries or anything else. This also makes you the zodiac sign with immense wanderlust – always travelling to know more!

8. You Can’t Be Tied Down Or Restricted

The moment you sense someone is trying to limit or restrict you in any way, you run in the opposite direction as fast as you can! You’re not meant to be tied down or cooped up anywhere for a long time. For you, freedom is the most valuable thing on this planet. And you won’t stand it if anyone tries to get in your way of exploring, learning or experiencing. Unless you’re moody. But that won’t last long.

9. You Are Extremely Socially Flexible


We told you, you are unique. And you have one very specific trait to prove it! You have the unique ability to adapt to your audience, fitting in effortlessly with the people, the place, and the way they behave. Your flexible personality makes it very easy for you to adapt to any situation whatsoever.

10. You Don’t Get Uncomfortable During Conflict

Geminis are bold and they face challenges head on. Topics on which others feel shy to utter a word on are something you are not afraid to touch or be expressive about. You realize that conflicts are nothing more than a difference of opinion and you don’t get touchy about such things easily. Unless someone offends you. But as long as that doesn’t happen, you will share your wisdom on things others are afraid to.

Geminis are a blessing to be around even if they get tough to handle at times! That is because there’s always a lot to learn from them and experience with them.

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