Doctors Don’t Recommend These 9 Popular Breakfast Foods


We all tend to think in just one direction when it comes to breakfast. Some of us tend to stick to the traditional dosa/ poha/ bread toast/ cereals, but do we all ever stop to think if these are right choices for a fully nutritious breakfast? A healthy diet is said to be one in which one eats breakfast like a king. But are we, in the process of making this true, making all the wrong choices?

Well, read on to find out for yourself! Here are the 9 most popular breakfast items that aren’t as healthy as you’d think:

1. Pancakes


Also known as crepes in some parts of the world, this is one delicious breakfast option that we all love. And let’s be honest – it’s also one of the quickest and simplest breakfast items to whip up (no pun intended) as well. But the problem with this much-loved and delicious breakfast option is that it has too much sugar in it. Also, adding the toppings doesn’t help either. I mean, of course, eating pancakes means there’ll be oodles of maple syrup on it! Or at least honey. And this, so early on in the day, actually sends your body’s insulin levels into a tizzy and therefore, it’s best avoided.

One way to make this work is by replacing the flour with more fibrous ingredients like oats. Oh, and the toppings? Something less sugary, please!

2. Cornflakes

Isn’t this the simplest, most no-nonsense, quick fix breakfast option? Just take a bowlful of cornflakes, add hot or cold milk, top it off with some fruits, and you’re done! Feels like a bowlful of goodness first thing in the morning, doesn’t it? But turns out, this is not such an amazing breakfast option after all. The problem is again sugar. These cereals contain way more than is good for the body first thing in the morning. It also increases your chances of getting diabetes if you are susceptible or if someone in your family has it.

Does that mean you’ll have to say goodbye to your favorite breakfast for good? Not necessarily. You can always go for the sugarless option and add nuts or flaxseeds to make them more nutritious.

3. Toasted Bread

Toasted Bread
This is also another all-time favorite. And don’t we all especially like it when it gets all brown and crunchy? A generous dab of butter on it, and we are good to go. But what we don’t really know is that white bread is actually not good for us. It contains gluten, carbohydrates, and pretty much nothing else. Also, as soon as you toast it, it becomes all the more possible that it is now carcinogenic, since burnt bread contains carcinogenic elements.

One way to keep eating bread in the mornings is to get whole wheat bread instead of white bread. And if you like your toast, just make sure it is not too brown or burnt.

4. Spreads

These work with everything, don’t they? Chapati, bread, and even rice sometimes! But these are really not a very good food option. Especially the sugary, chocolatey ones. They just pump your body with loads of sugar and sadly, nothing else.

But since we can’t live without spreads, we can get the ones that are not as harmful and actually healthy. Like peanut butter.

5. Rice

Living in a country like India where rice is the staple food for a majority of the people, it is a little difficult to say goodbye to these tiny white friends. But it’s not a secret anymore that rice contains loads and loads of carbohydrates – carbohydrates that we can definitely do without – especially first thing in the morning.

So how do we do it? Because rice is BAE, right? Simple. Just replace it with brown rice, it’s almost the equally yummy cousin minus the unnecessary carbs (and plus a lot of fibre!).

6. Smoothies

Who doesn’t like a nice glassful of veggies and fruits, blended together and topped off with some yummy cream, right? You’ll be surprised by how sans any health benefits this food item actually is. It is anyway recommended that fruits should be eaten whole and that juicing takes away the fiber present in them.

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The best way to eat fruits and veggies is to eat them whole. But if you just absolutely must have a smoothie in the morning, make sure you do so without adding any unnecessary ingredients like sugar and creamy toppings.

7. Milk


Contrary to popular belief, milk is actually not as nutritious and superfood-like as it is made out to be. Many are, in fact, lactose intolerant. But if you are among those who aren’t, and love your glass of milk in the morning, avoid drinking it on an empty tummy. If you have gastric troubles, it could lead to acidity and in some cases, also a breakout of acne.

8. Yogurts

Yogurts are actually good for you. The only catch is to steer clear of the sugary, flavored yogurts available on the market that claim to be healthy but only spike your blood sugar levels. Hence, make sure you choose the low fat, organic ones without any added flavors.

9. Sandwiches


As long as they are homemade, sandwiches are good to go. So, instead of going to a restaurant and ordering one, make one at home. You’ll be surprised at how easy they are to make. And also, much yummier!

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