Two-factor Authentication by Facebook’s doesn’t require your Phone Number now


Facebook has just made its two-factor authentication a lot more convenient, in a way that it no longer requires your phone number to setup authentication code. Facebook is now offering you a choice i.e. you can even get your “Loggin Approval Code” from a third-party app like Google Authenticator in its new two-factor authentication method.

In case if you are not familiar with Facebook’s two-factor authentication (2FA) method, you must visit this link, where we have extensively covered it. Briefly, we can say that it adds an extra layer of security to your Facebook account. Whenever you log in to your account from a new device or in an unusual way, Facebook requires you to enter a numerical code (Login Approval Code) that you may have received on your phone linked to your account. This method keeps your account safe so that no stranger gets access to it. However, it also gets annoying sometimes when the connection to your phone and the device you’re trying to log in with is weak. Anyway, things are getting better from now on, let’s know how.

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Facebook has recently announced that it has changed the 2FA method enabling third-party apps to provide you with a Login Approval code. Now Facebook’s 2FA will also accept apps like Duo Security and Google Authenticator, which will receive “Login Approval Code” in order to log in to a new device.

The new third-party based authentication method is actually quite safe as compared to SMS, which has been the center of many two-factor hacks. The third-party apps like Google Authenticator which constantly generate new codes, thus making it more secure from any hacking activity.

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In order to get these new settings aligned with your account, you simply need to get to Settings in your Facebook app then head towards Security and Login and then select your own choice for Use two-factor authentication. You can choose between your phone number or an authentication app to add an extra layer of security.

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